Friday, July 17, 2009

Summer fun with the Blakes

Sadie and i have been spending a lot of time with the girls this summer. It has been a lot of fun! Its nice for Sadie to have so many people that love to play with her. Bailey is a great babysitter, she takes good care of Sadie and gives me a nice break.

Sadie loves it when Lauren drives her around in the Barbie cars. They have so much fun together and Lauren is always making her laugh.
Charlotte is like Sadie's big sister. They love playing together and have so much fun chasing each other around.
Sadie forgot her swimming suite so we borrowed a pair of build-a-bear shorts. Looking good ha?
Just wait till she turns around.
Whoops!! We forgot about the slit for the tail. Nice cheeks Sadie!!
I brought this game home from the Blake's for Sadie. It was so funny when she first saw it. She was sitting on the sofa with Mario when i set it on the floor. She jumped off the sofa so fast that Mario and I could not stop laughing. We have never seen her move so fast. She would put on all the jewelry and then walk up to Mario and i to show us how pretty she looked. Thanks Char for Pretty, Pretty, Princess Sadie loves it!
We will miss all the fun times with the girls but can't wait to hear about all the fun they will have in Canada! Looking forward to when they come back to California, so we can have more fun together!


webster said... the shorts and the dress up stuff looks like you just might have a girly girl on your hands. Macie is the same way when i get my make up bag out...she gets so excited and jets across the room. she digs through my bag for one of the sponge things (that is nasty....of cours..jk) and tries to crawl away and hide so she can put it in her mouth...she searches for that thing every time

Sara said...

I am cracking up about those Build a Bear shorts!!! That is awesome.

Comarsh Crew said...

Ok Jenae - more blog entries... I need to work on keeping mine up too!

I changed my blog link - be sure to change it to:

Wunda Girl said...

seriously. I can't stop chuckling. That photo is PRICELESS. Build-a-Bear shorts...PRICELESS.