Monday, October 27, 2008

Los Tigres

The other night Sadie, Mario and I all had a pretty good time pretending we were tigers. For an hour straight Sadie was cracking up. I hope you enjoy the video as much as we do.


The past couple months have been pretty crazy with Birthdays. It seemed like every weekend there was another party. Sadie has had alot of fun at all of them.
Gabriel's party was a blast. Sadie experienced bubbles for the first time and got to play with the parachute.
Anthony's party was another hit. Lots of food and fun games. Sadie slept for most of it but Mario got to enjoy the parts she missed out on.

Isaiah's Halloween Birthday Party!
Isaiah party is always a costume party, witch is always alot of fun. It was Sadie's first time to dress up in a costume. Mario was a hippi, I was a witch and Sadie was my black cat.
Happy Birthday...
Grandma Rivera
Tia Jasmin
Uncle Heath
Aunt Whitney!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

6 months old

When Aubrey and Macie came to visit the girls had a photo shoot. All the pictures came out so cute. Dont be deceived though, in the pictures Sadie looks like the happiest baby alive, but when night falls she is a whole new baby. She has been getting teeth so the nights have been pretty hard for her. Getting two teeth is hard work for a little girl. They have finally come through the gums so hopefully it will get easier... for now until more come. All though the nights have been tough we wouldn't trade it for anything she is a wonderful baby and we love her so much!