Sunday, March 1, 2009

Trip to Idaho

Sadie and her friend Brielle!

Sadie just relaxing in the pool.

Sadie going sledding for the first time.

Sadie and Aubrey organizing the fridge.

Sadie and her Great Grandpa, Melvin.

Sadie was sad because she didn't want to leave Aubrey!! What a fun week!!


webster said...

super cute...wish we were there!
I need to see that picture of dad up close!

Stacey said...

Oh my goodness. That last picture is heart breaking. Also, Sadie is most definitely the best dressed kid around. Her sledding outfit especially!

Aida said...

Thats funny to see her relaxing in the pool in one picture and then see her in the freezing snow the next! The picture with her great grandps is darling. It looks like she is saying, "What up!"
Love ya guys, so glad I get to see everybody this weekend.

Breanne BUsh said...

cute pics! it was fun having y'all!

Comarsh Crew said...

So cute. I love how almost every picture of Sadie, she has a bow in her hair. You were meant to be the mommy of a little girl!