Tuesday, January 6, 2009


December was a fun month for Sadie. Her cousins came to visit for a couple days and she had so much fun playing. We all had alot of fun hanging out with family! Also, in December Sadie took 4 steps all by herself. Unfortunately we didn't get it on tape but it was the funniest thing ever, Mario and I were cracking up. Of course she hasn't done it again since then.
Pre Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa Condie's house.
Sadie's aunt Breanne made her the cute shirt she is wearing. Looks like she likes it!

Making tamales at Mario's parents.
Cooking with everyone was so much fun!

Christmas morning at our house! Sadie checking out her presents from Santa!

Sadie making everyone crack up on Christmas. In case you were wondering that is Carey laughing in the background.


webster said...

Love the tight pants on Sadie...do they make those in my size?? Super cute! Sadie's top looks just a little familiar...check out her blog!

Breanne BUsh said...

You can spot Carey's laugh out of a million. That is too funny! I am excited ya'll are coming to visit us!

Aida said...

i'm glad that you got that on video- so she can remember how much she loved it!

Peter and Amber said...

Hi Jenae! I found your blog through Jamie's! Sadie is so adorable!

I hope you are Mario are doing well!


Wunda Girl said...

That was really funny. Laughed right out loud.